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The Pulham Orchestra

For just over forty years the orchestra has played a significant, and at times quite innovative role in music-making and musical education on and around the Suffolk - Norfolk border, the predominantly rural area of the Waveney Valley.

Under the constant direction of a life-long educationalist with boundless enthusiasm, an innate ability to put players at their ease and to make music fun, events such as ‘Come and Play’ days and tutorial workshops have served over the years to attract the interest of substantial numbers, not only from neighbouring areas, but on occasions, from as far afield as Yorkshire and Wales!

As a result, the orchestra’s regular membership has seen significant growth. Once a mere handful of interested locals, its forces now represent communities large and small across both counties.

Still in its original home, the picturesque and historic village of Pulham Market, lying virtually central among the principal conurbations of Norfolk and Suffolk, the orchestra rehearses in a comfortable, well equipped and fully accessible venue with convenient parking.

Prospective members can look forward to a balanced mix of enjoyment, education and social interaction in a relaxed but constructive atmosphere, while a relatively undemanding schedule of bi-weekly rehearsals usually allows members to successfully maintain their other interests. 

If you should be looking to take up playing again, or possibly for a change of musical scenery, then a visit to the ‘Taking Part’ page here may well be of interest! 

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